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Creeping Pentecostalism charges laid against bishop: The Church of England Newspaper, September 23, 2012 p September 23, 2012

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Bishop Boniface Kwangu of Victoria Nyanza, Tanzania

An affinity for Pentecostal-style worship has landed the Bishop of the Tanzanian Diocese of Victoria Nyanza in hot water with his clergy.  Twenty four priests and deacons – a majority of the clergy of his diocese – have endorsed an open letter calling for the Rt. Rev. Boniface Kwangu to resign.

In a statement released on 9 Sept 2012 in Mwanza, the see city of the diocese, the clergy charged the bishop with introducing glossolalia and other Pentecostal-charismatic practices into the Eucharist service. Evangelized by the Universities Mission to Central Africa, Western Tanzania has traditionally been an Anglo-Catholic stronghold in Africa and the province is one of the few in Africa that has declined to ordain women clergy.

Bishop Kwangu declined to comment, saying he was up country at present and had not seen the letter.

First printed in the Church of England Newspaper.