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Christian Aid reaches out to Ebola survivors: Church of England Newspaper, November 28, 2014 November 28, 2014

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Christian Aid has joined the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to distribute  essential household items to Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone. “Solidarity kits” consisting of food, household items and hygiene supplies were distributed to households in the Bo and Western Area districts to help survivors rebuild their lives. The NGO reported that some survivors returning home from treatment centres have found their homes burned to the ground or doused with chlorine by neighbors or government officials, fearful their huts and property were sources of infection. Jeanne Kamara, Christian Aid Country Manager for Sierra Leone, said: “Those fortunate enough to have survived the Ebola virus are left with next to nothing. The joy of surviving the devastating virus is quickly overshadowed by the pain of having everything they own destroyed during the decontamination process.” She added that “those living hand–to–mouth simply cannot afford to replace all their belongings – particularly in homes where the main breadwinner has died from the virus. That’s why Christian Aid is pleased to partner with UNDP on this initiative, so that together we can ensure that Ebola survivors, who have already suffered so much, can start afresh without the added anxiety of having no clothes, bedding, cooking utensils or food.”

Dr. Williams appointed chairman of Christian Aid: The Church of England Newspaper, December 20, 2012 December 28, 2012

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The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams is to become the next chairman of the board of trustees of the international relief agency Christian Aid.

On 12 Dec 2012, Christian Aid director Loretta Minghella announced Dr. Williams would take up the post next May in succession to Dame Anne Owers whose term of office ended last month.

In a statement released by the Lambeth Palace press office, Dr. Williams said he was “very honoured” by the invitation to chair Christian Aid. “I had hoped very much to be able to continue some regular involvement in support and advocacy in the area of international justice and development” following his retirement as archbishop in December, “this will allow such an involvement to flourish,” he said.

“Many years of co-operation with and support for Christian Aid have made me familiar with the excellent quality of all that they do, and I am personally very happy indeed to be working with them in this new role at a time when international development issues will need the most dedicated and sustained attention,” Dr. Williams said.

Ms. Minghella said the agency greeted the news of Dr. Williams’ appointment with joy.“Archbishop Rowan brings a passionate interest in tackling the symptoms and causes of poverty, a profound theological understanding, and deep experience of addressing issues of environmental, economic and social justice with church and political leaders across the world.”

“This is wonderful news for Christian Aid,” she said.

First printed in The Church of England Newspaper.