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Anglican Unscripted: February 1, 2012 February 3, 2012

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Your intrepid hosts discuss the troubles with the Anglican Ordinariate of late. They also give some commentary on Bishop Lawrence’s address on the Future of Anglicanism from the Mere Anglicanism Conference last week. Allan discusses the current budget struggle between Bishop Sauls, Dr. Jefferts-Schori and Bonnie Anderson. And Peter Ould ponders a Church/State split in England.

First American parish joins the Ordinariate: The Church of England Newspaper, January 27, 2012, p 6. February 2, 2012

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First printed in The Church of England Newspaper.

The Diocese of Maryland has signed a deal with a congregation that has voted to join the Anglican Ordinariate that will allow it to leave the diocese and become the first American Episcopal congregation join the Catholic Church.

On 18 January 2012, the diocese announced that an agreement had been reached with Mount Calvary church in Baltimore that allows it to leave with its property.  The diocese agreed to sell the church, rectory and adjacent property to the congregation, along with the church’s furnishings and personal property.  The diocese also retained the right of first refusal if the congregation vacates the property.

The Rev. Canon Scott Slater, who helped negotiate the deal for the diocese said this had been a “thoughtful, prayerful, and respectful process” and he was “pleased that we have reached a solution that meets the needs of all,” said a statement released by the diocese.

On 22 January the ordinary of the American Ordinariate, Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson received 34 members of the congregation and the church’s clergy into the Catholic Church.  The former rector, Jason Catania and the associate clergy, David Reamsnyder, Anthony Vidal and Dr. John Huntington have begun the process leading towards re-ordination as Catholic priests.

During his homily, Fr. Steenson likened the Ordinariate to a flight test.  “We still don’t know if all the equipment is going to work correctly right away.”

He also thanked Bishop Eugene Sutton of Maryland for his “his gracious gift” of the parish.  “I have been a bishop and I know what it cost to do this,” Fr. Steenson said, “and it cost him a lot.”

However, he was optimistic about the future for the congregation and the Roman Catholic Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter as it had been founded upon an “abundance of faith, hope and charity. We hope these things will see us through in the Ordinariate.”