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Australian diocese warns it may opt out of marriage: Church of England Newspaper, November 8, 2013 November 11, 2013

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The Bishop of North West Australia has warned that if the state or federal governments legalize same-sex marriage, Anglican clergy in his diocese would no longer serve as marriage registrars.

The statement by the Rt. Rev. Gary Nelson follows the decision last month by the Australian Capital Territory to legalize same-sex marriage – a move that has been challenged by the federal government as being unconstitutional.

Bishop Nelson told The Western Australian “If we were compelled as marriage celebrants to marry same-sex couples then, as far as this diocese is concerned, I would be withdrawing my approval for ministers to act as marriage celebrants.

The bishop said his clergy would be permitted to perform marriage services according to the rites of the Church, but couples married in the church would need to go to a civil registrar to have their marriage recognized by the state.

Australia was in the midst of a culture war between those holding a traditional Christian worldview and post-modernists.

“The post-war rise of deconstructionism impacted ethical thinking, suggesting that humans are free to create their own natures and decide upon their own purposes — so marriage could be regarded as one social construct among many,” he said.

“But in forming an ethical position, you have to decide if you are committed to a relative or absolute set of values. For us as Anglicans and Christians, we ask what is the Bible, as God’s disclosed word, saying on any issue.”

Bishop Nelson told The Western Australian he would be voting “no” at the 14 November 2013 provincial council meeting when the Diocese of Perth motion on same-sex marriage is reviewed.

The bishop said the Perth motion “seems benign, but the underlying perspective is not consistent with the official view of the Anglican Church held recently and historically.”



1. Dick Mitchell - November 12, 2013

This is a tough one. If couples can get married in an Anglican church, but still need to do a separate civil service with a justice of the peace (or Aussie equivalent), they may just opt to skip the church service altogether, or else go to Methodist (or other generic Protestant) church down the street. Marriage services have long been a useful means to get drifting young folks back to church.

2. tikolo2013@gmail.com - November 16, 2013

Dick how many young couples have drifted back to the church through marriage I would like to know? it will be a sad day for churches if we depend on such services to bring people into our churches.

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