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Makgoba urges Africa to end gay bashing: The Church of England Newspaper, November 1, 2013 November 5, 2013

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The Primate of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa has lent his support to a campaign launched by the British NGO Human Rights Watch to combat gay bashing.

In a video released last week Cape Town Archbishop Thabo Makgoba said “Don’t fear … you’ve been given this task of helping the rest of humanity to realize that we are called to respect and we are called to honor each other. People may come and say this is un-African, and I’m saying love cuts across culture.”

The Human Rights Watch campaign seeks to push back against statements and policies put forward by African governments and leaders that it considers homophobic. ”When you violate somebody on the basis of difference you’re not only violating them but you are demeaning yourself,” Makgoba says in the video. He exhorts leaders to take up their “moral responsibility to stop the violence against people who are different.”

“Archbishop Makgoba’s statement should serve as a call to national, religious, and cultural leaders across Africa who support the rights of LGBTI people to speak out publicly,” said Graeme Reid, LGBT Rights director for Human Rights Watch. “And the archbishop’s message of respect for everyone’s rights should challenge leaders who have opposed the rights of LGBTI people to reconsider their positions.”



1. mcadey - November 5, 2013

if you say homosexuality should be condoned,what kind of jurisprudence will you use to dondem those who rape,have sex with infants and animals?.Homosexuality goes against the law of nature.,Africans,BEWARE OF FALSE BISHOPS.The bible enlighted the Europeans,that is the main reason,why they were able to colonise Africa.If Africans too can master and live by biblical teaching,their own time too will come,whereby they too will be able to colonise these Europeans,who only worry about their canal desire.God does not play favoritism,any nation that does what is right,is acceptable to him.Europeans who used to be the first are now going to end up being the last

2. mcadey - November 5, 2013

I just postedmy comment,where is it?sodomy is against asfricas tradition,custom and religion.

3. mcadey - November 5, 2013

Is Bishop Tutu gay?all you hear from South Africa is gay,gay gay

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