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Church to help fill the gap of govt housing cutbacks, archbishop declares: Anglican Ink, September 20, 2013 September 21, 2013

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The regeneration of England is a moral as well as economic project that must be undertaken by the Church of England in partnership with voluntary aid associations, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby told the National Housing Federation conference in Birmingham this week.

The archbishop’s 20 September 2013 speech follows upon moves led by Archbishop Welby to reengage England through social activism such as fighting the scourge of money lenders and strengthening families through economic empowerment. However, the archbishop was clear that social action in and of itself was not the ultimate end, but the outworking of God’s love in the heart of the believer reflected outwards to the world.

In Britain housing associations provide low-cost “social housing” through low cost rentals and financial assistance for home buyers. These not-for-profit associations had been at the “forefront of facing the responsibility of deprivation, of homelessness, of urban regeneration and rural regeneration since the 1930s,” the archbishops said.

“The work you do through your Housing Associations provides security and stability for your tenants, and that work makes possible the growth of strong and supportive communities. No one else can do it, and the strength, flexibility and development of Housing Associations is the envy of most parts of the voluntary sector,” he said.

Read it all in Anglican Ink.

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