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African rebuke for Justin Welby: The Church of England Newspaper, July 14, 2013 p 6. July 13, 2013

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The Archbishop of Canterbury has let down the wider Anglican Communion through his half-hearted defense of marriage in the House of Lords debates on the government’s same-sex marriage bill, the leader of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA), the Most Rev. Eliud Wabukala Archbishop of Kenya, said last week.

Justin Welby’s perceived lack of confidence in the Bible and his failure so far to exercise leadership on the international Anglican scene prompted the public rebuke — the first formal statement by the leader of the global South coalition of churches.

In a letter released last week to supporters of the FCA, a global Anglican renewal movement, Archbishop Wabukala said Archbishop Welby and the Archbishop of York, the Most Rev. John Sentamu, appeared to have compromised the Christian faith in an attempt to curry favor with secular Britain and with the liberal Anglican Churches of North America.

“We are painfully aware that the Episcopal Church of the United States and the Anglican Church of Canada continue to promote a false gospel and yet both are still received as in good standing by the Archbishop of Canterbury,” Dr. Wabukala wrote.

“Furthermore, the Church of England itself, the historic mother church of the Communion, seems to be advancing along the same path. While defending marriage, both the Archbishops of York and Canterbury appeared at the same time to approve of same-sex Civil Partnerships during parliamentary debates on the UK’s ‘gay marriage’ legislation, in contradiction to the historic biblical teaching on human sexuality reaffirmed by the 1998 Lambeth Conference,” he said.

The Church of England and the North American churches have been in decline, with some branches of “the Church of Christ … being claimed by the world through compromise and false teaching.”

At the same time the evangelical Anglican churches in the developing world had seen explosive growth with millions converted to the Christian faith, even when “tested by violent persecution” from without and challenged internally by “nominalism and tribalism, he noted.

In 1970 the number of Anglicans in Africa stood at 7.7 million. African Anglican Church membership grew through conversions from Islam and indigenous faiths to 50.8 million in 2010 and is expected to reach 65 million by 2020, a report published last month by Gordon-Conwell Seminary in the U.S. predicted.

“In these circumstances, attempts to achieve unity” among Anglicans across the globe “based merely on common humanitarianism and dialogue, without repentance,” was doomed to fail as it sacrifice “the transforming power of the gospel.”

The “seeds of the East African revival transformed a cold were planted through years of faithful bible teaching and were brought to life by the Spirit of God, with deep conviction of sin and the irrepressible joy of sins forgiven,” the archbishop said.

“This is the core of the transforming power of the gospel and in this we delight.”


1. The Rt Revd Richard Palmer - July 13, 2013

No, it is the false interpretation of scripture that has been the cause of the persecution of gay and lesbian people for centuries. With their homophobic ideology these ‘false’ churches stand condemned. Perhaps the wider Anglican Communion should disassociate itself from these churches, not the other way round.

2. Ian Welch, Canberra - July 14, 2013

I had an elderly neighbour years ago who was totally non-religious, although vaguely Anglican by childhood. She was from Lancashire and although she had lived in Australia almost all of her life, and was the first resident of the Melbourne street where I lived in the 1940s, she had lost none of her ascerbic Lancashire wit.

To this day, nearly seventy years on, I recall her summary of the kind of negativity that Anglicans now seem to favour—

“Give them curried angels and they’d want stewed Christ.”

The fundamentalist campaign in modern Anglicanism is destroying centuries of tolerance in the Anglican tradition and achieving absolutely nothing in convincing the vast majority of humanity of the merits of Anglicanism and, far more important, the merits of the Christian faith. We have too many King Kong’s in the ordained ministry and episcopacy, methinks.

I think, with respect, that Jesus would be ashamed of people who are quicker to condemn that to demonstrate their faith in love, understanding, and above all, tolerance.

Lee Poteet - July 14, 2013

ah, but there can be no tolerance for those who accept Holy Scripture as it is written. Away with Leviticus; away with St. Paul and do things which the Church never did before, but no damn tolerance for those who in their faith follow the faith found in Holy Scripture.

3. African rebuke for Justin Welby: The Church of England Newspaper, July 14, 2013 p 6. - July 14, 2013

[…] View the original here: African rebuke for Justin Welby: The Church of England Newspaper, July 14, 2013 p 6. […]

4. Donald Philip Veitch - July 14, 2013

Mr. (rt.rev.) Palmer:

You really need to “cure” your Bibliophobia, Theophobia, Christophobia, Pneumatophobia, and historaphobia. The hostility and hate seems to control and govern you.

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