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ARCIC III meeting in Rio: The Church of England Newspaper, May 12, 2013 p 6. May 9, 2013

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The third session of the third round of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC III) meets this week in Rio de Janeiro to continue its work on the relationship between local and universal Church and common ethics and morals between the two churches.

In an interview with Vatican radio, the Catholic co-secretary of ARCIC III, Msgr. Mark Langham of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity said this meeting would be “reflective”.

We will not be “diving into the particular problems” that divide the churches but will look at “our common origins and the common tradition we share.”

Established in 1966 in response to the Second Vatican Council and as a result of the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury Michael Ramsey to Pope Paul VI in Rome, the original ecumenical imperative behind ARCIC has faded, with the two churches increasingly diverging on questions of ethics, order and morals.

Tensions over the ordination of women and homosexuals and the inability of the Anglican team to honour the accords reached by past meetings along with the establishment by Benedict in 2009 of the Anglican Ordinariate have strained relations.

Conservative and Global South Anglicans have viewed the ARCIC process with suspicion. The appointment of members of the Episcopal Church and Anglican Church of Canada to the team by the secretary general of the Anglican Consultative Council violated assurances made by Dr. Rowan Williams to the communion.  Positions put forward by some members of the Anglican team as “Anglican” beliefs have also been disavowed.

Speaking to the press after the 2012 ARCIC meeting in Hong Kong, the Anglican co-chair Archbishop David Moxon stated homosexuality was an ethical area where Anglicans and Roman Catholics diverged.  He told ENI that it is easier for the two churches to have a common understanding on social ethics, but not sexual ethics and homosexuality.

But the archbishop stressed that the study of some “first principles” from the two churches, like the study of the Bible, may help find common ground. Drawing upon Scripture, tradition and reason, ARCIC III will also “elucidate how our two Communions approach moral decision making, and how areas of tension for Anglicans and Roman Catholics might be resolved by learning from the other.”



1. Nicholas - May 11, 2013

I think David Moxon has some issues.

2. Nicholas - May 11, 2013

I thought the stance on homosexuality of the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church was basically the same. What kind of hypocrites are coming from New Zealand may we ask. I hope they are now following the same path of United States and Canada.

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