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Synod brawl leads to bishop’s suspension: The Church of England Newspaper, April 21, 2013 p 6. April 22, 2013

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The Bishop in Thoothukudi-Nazareth of the Church of South India has been suspended for assaulting the CSI’s General Secretary during the 25 Feb 2013 meeting in Chennai of the Synod Executive Council.

Spokesmen for the Bishop and the executive Council did not respond to requests for clarification but the anti-corruption lay group Youth4CSI reports the spat between the bishop and the Synod’s Executive Council is politically and financially motivated.

The altercation between Bishop J.A.D. Jebachandran and General Secretary M.M. Philip began when the bishop objected to the minutes of the Council’s January meeting that discussed the affairs of his diocese. After the general secretary declined to strike that portion of the minutes,  Bishop Jebachandran allegedly rose from his chair, grabbed Mr. Philip by his collar, took away his microphone, and shoved him away from the podium.

Uproar ensued, and a vote was taken by the Council to suspend the bishop. A formal notice of  suspension was subsequently served upon Bishop Jebachandran on 3 April 2013.



1. Christian Chibuike - April 22, 2013

Hmmmmm! Bishop, why the fighting? You should have soft-pedalled for the sake of Jesus Christ. Were you not called? But the synod would have taken time to look into the matter before suspending the Bishop. That was a hasty decision. Do they have the right to suspend the Bishop or is it not the duty of the house of Bishops? Is the office and authority of the Bishop in India not the same in other provinces all over the world? Please clarify me.

2. Major victor - May 4, 2013

It is not wise to entrust discipline and administration in the hands of the bishops’council council who have behaved so badly I n corrupti on and moral standards that drew the comment from the CBI rep that our of the 22bishops in the csi, as of now 15 should be behind bars for what they are.bishops council is only a unrecognized body made for themselves by themselves.they can have it only for fellowship and mutual consultations on religious matters.legally the executive committee of the synod is the right body to deal with discipline and administration of the csi.

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