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Clergyman under police supervision: The Church of England Newspaper, March 17, 2013 p 7. March 24, 2013

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The former assistant Bishop of Kampala, Dr. Zac Niringiye, reports that he remains under police supervision following his arrest last month for having distributed leaflets calling for an end to government corruption.

In a statement distributed by the Langham Partnership on 20 February 2013, Dr. Niringiye wrote: “I have since reported twice to the Police in keeping with what I was required to do. Each time I am told to report again. I guess the file is still with the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions). I am aware that I could be taken to court and charged with the crime of ‘inciting violence’; or asked to report again; or, released with the case dismissed on the advice of the DPP. But clearly there is no case. These are just efforts of a regime in survival mode…worried of any dissent. It is tragic that now, it seems, it is protecting the corrupt.”

On 4 Feb Dr. Niringiye and members of the Black Monday Movement — an initiative by Ugandan Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to combat government corruption — were arrested by police for distributing their newsletter on campus of Makerere University. A Visiting Fellow at the University’s School of Law, Dr. Niringiye said he was handing out around the Catholic Students Chapel and when he returned to his car for a second bundle he was arrested.

“It is as I was leaving the precincts of Lumumba Hall that a Police pick-up blocked me. Then another two pick-ups police in riot gear…. and then the Police Officer (one who is notorious for dealing with political opposition figures ruthlessly) came to my window, informed me that I was needed for questioning at the Police Station, in respect to the activities I was undertaking that morning. I followed in my car to the Police Station. On arrival, I was ushered in one office, at which point Officer Omala told me I was under arrest for ‘inciting violence’. I was interrogated for about three hours in total, put in the police cell where I was for about 6 hours. I was later released on Police bond. I was told that I would have to report to the Police Station on Thursday 14 February, as my file was forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).”

“Keep in prayer with me and all our colleagues with whom we are engaged in this work in Uganda,” the bishop asked.

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