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Retired archbishop starts Yukon “street ministry”: The Church of England Newspaper, January 20, 2013 p 6. January 25, 2013

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Old Log Rectory, Whitehorse, Yukon

On 13 January 2013 Archbishop Terry Buckle of British Columbia and the Yukon launched the “Street Hope Whitehorse” at a special service at Christ Church Cathedral in Whitehorse

The Bishop of the Yukon, the Rt. Rev. Larry Robertson, has given space to the street ministry in the town’s historic Old Log Rectory.  The rectory will serve as a base of operations for the volunteer team and will host twice weekly worship services.  The vision of the ministry, its website says, “is to reach out to people, ‘the up and out’ as well as ‘the down and out’ in a Holy Spirit enabled ministry of love and care.”

Archbishop Buckle explained they will be “reaching out to people on the streets, not just the down and out, but people, generally speaking, and merchants, just being a presence on the streets.”

“Since I’ve retired, I’ve given more thought and prayer to it and I really see a need of just going out and befriending people with acts of kindness and compassion,” Archbishop Buckle told the Whitehorse Star.

“We’re simply being there, and we can point people in right directions and help them where we can,” he said, adding “I just hope that in this whole approach to this kind of outreach ministry that people will sense the presence of God in their life and know the hope that our Lord gives and find the strength and help that they need to live out their lives.”

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