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Brisbane’s first woman bishop appointed: The Church of England Newspaper, December 9, 2012 p 6. December 12, 2012

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Alison Taylor

The Venerable Alison Taylor, Melbourne’s Archdeacon for International Partnerships and Vicar of St John’s Church Camberwell, has been appointed by Archbishop Phillip Aspinall to be the next Assistant Bishop for the Southern Region of the Diocese of Brisbane.

Archdeacon Taylor will become the fourth woman assistant bishop in the Anglican Church of Australia joining Genieve Blackwell Assistant Bishop of Wagga Wagga in the Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn, Barbara Darling Assistant Bishop of the Eastern Region of the Diocese of Melbourne, and Kay Goldsworthy Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Perth.

Appointed to the steering committee of the Anglican Alliance for Development, Relief and Advocacy in 2009 by Dr. Rowan Williams, Archdeacon Taylor has also served as chairman of Australia’s Anglican Overseas Aid agency.

The Archbishop of Melbourne, Dr. Philip Freier welcomed the announcement saying: “Alison Taylor’s ministry in the Diocese of Melbourne has encompassed a breadth of experience as vicar and archdeacon. I am delighted that her leadership, developed within the Diocese of Melbourne, now takes her on to this senior role in Brisbane.”

Archdeacon Taylor will be consecrated Bishop in St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane 6 April 2013.

First printed in The Church of England Newspaper.

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