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Canterbury concedes Anglican Communion has become “corrupted”: Anglican Ink, December 5, 2012 December 5, 2012

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Archbishop Rowan Williams

The Archbishop of Canterbury has conceded defeat in the battle over the Anglican Covenant. In a 2 Dec 2012 Advent letter to the primates, Dr. Rowan Williams said the Anglican Communion had become “corrupted” and could no longer be considered a communion of churches but a “community of communities.”

Dr. Williams’ somber appreciation of the state of the communion today, contrasts with his past letters to the leaders of the Communions 38 provinces.  Nothing now bound the church together apart from good will.

In 2009 Dr. Williams rejected calls from the Episcopal Church to reorder the Anglican Communion as a federation of churches.As Anglicans, our membership of the communion is an important part of our identity. However, some see this as best expressed in a more federalist and pluralist way. They would see this as the only appropriate language for a modern or indeed postmodern global fellowship of believers in which levels of diversity are bound to be high and the risks of centralisation and authoritarianism are the most worrying.”

“There is nothing foolish or incoherent about this approach,” Dr. Williams wrote in a letter published on 27 July 2009, “but it is not the approach that has generally shaped the self-understanding of our communion.”

Read it all in Anglican Ink.



1. Corinne Crammer - December 5, 2012

The *Anglican Covenant* is the novelty. We’ve never expected everyone to be lockstop or subscribe to a particular position statement. We’re not the Roman Catholic Church – uniformity and authoritarianism is anathema – and I hope we will never be that kind of a church. Quite frankly, the Church of England is practically dead, and they’ve been dragging their feet on every possible response to what the world is actually like today. No women as bishops? Who needs that kind of nonsense – no better way to drive young people away from the church than clinging to this traditionalist misogyny. No wonder the youth avoid the church.

Stefano - December 5, 2012

No wonder the youth avoid the church? I think not! Perhaps they see a broken institution imitating a broken world and avoid it in their quest for something a little more transcendant than a club. Gamaliel has been affirmed; that which is not of God will fail.

2. The Rt Revd Richard Palmer - December 5, 2012

From what the out-going Archbishop of Canterbury has stated, it becomes increasingly clear that Anglicanism, as currently constituted is a failed experiment. The very freedoms which the ecclesiological structure Anglicanism should have exemplified have created a massive tensions between a desire for control and centrality, and a flexible and fluid field of cooperation and toleration. The small ‘Anglican Free Communion’ (formerly The Protestant Free Episcopal Church founded in 1897 in England) may have struck the right balance.

3. Nicholas - December 6, 2012

Who is he after all? The Archbishop of Canterbury.

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