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Fast for Nigeria: Anglican Ink, November 1, 2012 November 1, 2012

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National Christian Conference Centre, Abuja Nigeria

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh has issued a call that on 7 Nov 2012 Christians fast and pray for a week, seeking divine intervention in aid of Nigeria.

Speaking at a press conference on 31 Oct 2012 in Abuja publicizing the Church of Nigeria’s second Divine Commonwealth Conference at the National Christian Centre in Abuja, the Primate of All Nigeria – Archbishop Okoh – told reporters prayer should be the first response in the battle against terrorism.

John Wesley wrote that fasting as a form of righteousness was vain. If done without love, it was a form of godliness without the power, since an inwardly motivated religion of the heart was necessary. Fasts proclaimed by the Church of Nigeria were motivated by love of God, love of country and love of “our fellow Nigerians”, the bishop said.

The Church of Nigeria believed that the natural grounds of fasting were sorrow and the burden for sin and as an aid to prayer.  By fasting believers might avert the wrath of God’s judgment, or seek his blessings. It was in this spirit the church called Nigeria to fast and pray, he explained.

Read it all in Anglican Ink.

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