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Anglicans kicked out of doors again this Easter in Harare: The Church of England Newspaper, April 29, 2011 p 8. May 2, 2011

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Dr. Nolbert Kunonga

First published in The Church of England Newspaper.

Easter Sunday was celebrated outdoors in Harare this year, with the city’s churches closed to Anglicans who have refused to accept the authority of deposed bishop, Dr. Nolbert Kunonga.

The deteriorating political situation has heightened tensions in the Central African country.  Church leaders are being pressured to declare their loyalty to the regime, or face the consequences of disloyalty.  The Anglican Church’s difficulties are heightened by the presence of supporters and opponents of the regime in its ranks, and by the support given to Dr. Kunonga from the security services.  Dr. Kunonga has attacked the church as a stooge for British imperialists, and has cemented his ties to the secret police by his unswerving loyalty to the regime.

Sources in the Central African church report that worshippers and clergy loyal to the Anglican bishop recognized by the wider Anglican Communion, Dr. Chad Gandiya, gathered in Africa Unity Square across from the closed Cathedral of All Saints and St Mary for Easter services.  Other Anglicans gathered in private homes, pubs and in parks to celebrate Easter, as their churches remain closed to them.

Mugabe’s recent attack on Catholic Bishops is very disturbing at a time when Christians all over the world were marking the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. What is even more worrying are reports of police intimidation of Anglicans in Zimbabwe.

Last month the Mothers’ Union in Harare was ordered by Dr. Kunonga to join a pro-government petition campaign.  On March 3 the ZANU-PF government of President Robert Mugabe launched a campaign to gather at least two million signatures on a petition protesting sanctions imposed by the UK, US and EU against the regime’s leaders—including Dr. Kunonga.

Opposition leaders who have questioned the campaign have been jailed, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) reports.  The instability in North Africa has also prompted harsh reactions from the regime.   On Feb 19, 46 union leaders, students and human rights activists were arrested for attending a meeting to discuss the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. They have since been charged with treason.

On April 22, the Daily News reported that President Mugabe’s ire had turned upon the Roman Catholic Church.

“Even though I was born in this church (Catholic), their bishops are all over me on a daily basis. They attack me and criticise me because they are led by the whites who have their interests and agendas. They say I am an oppressor because they are not happy that the country is being led by a black man,” President Mugabe said.


1. Adeyinka O Mcadewunmi - May 2, 2011

The church of England have lost its moral authority in Africa.The same people have brought christianity and the bible to africa,are now telling Africans to disregard what the Bible says about sodomy.Christianity did bring about changes in Africa.There were lots of beliefs and customs that were changed when the white man came to Africa to enlighten and civilized them,using the bibleThe British too were introduced to christianity by Romans.And the whole world could witness to what the British did when it finally got a grip of the scripture.Africans should be wised up by now to see the power and the wisdom in the Bible.As it was written in the bible.”The first will be the last,and the last(Africans) will be the first”.Africans are now matured enough to tell the British to go to hell!The days of colonization and taking orders from their colonial masters is long gone and over.

2. Peter Clark - May 3, 2011

The reported attack by Mugabe on the Roman Catholic Church seems typically hypocritical of the man, especially since he was given special permission from the EU to travel to Rome for the beatification of john Paul II.

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