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The Anglo-Catholic movement is dead, Catholic bishop claims: The Church of England Newspaper, Mar 4, 2011 p 6 March 7, 2011

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Anglo-Catholic bishops in happier days. The Archbishop of Canterbury with episcopal members of the SSC in 2005.

First printed in The Church of England Newspaper.

The Anglo-Catholic movement within the Anglican Communion is dead, the Roman Catholic bishop overseeing the Australian Ordinariate has claimed.

In an interview published on February 26 in The Record, the newspaper of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Perth, Bishop Peter Elliott of Melbourne cautioned those who still claim to be Anglo-Catholics and yet are holding back.”

“When are you going to face realities? … there’s no place for a classical Anglo-Catholic in the Anglican Communion anymore,” Bishop Elliott said.

The Bishop chided Anglo-Catholics where were “tempted to make a desperate last stand by just staying where they are,” Bishop Elliott told a meeting of prospective converts in Perth last week.

“Permit me to suggest that it is a waste of time and spiritual energy to cling to such a dangerous illusion,” said the Bishop, a former Anglican.

“Let me quietly invite you to lay down weapons of controversies that are now pointless, to set aside endless intrigues which lead nowhere, to walk away from futile conflicts which cannot build up the body of Christ in charity. Accept the invitation of the vicar of Christ on earth.”

Pope Benedict XVI was a “gentle man” who had offered the Ordinariate with “no ulterior motives.”

“His apostolic offer is clear. There is no deception here. He calls you to peace.”

Created in November 2009 in response to pleas from the leaders of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC), the Ordinariate is a structure within the Roman Catholic Church for former Anglicans who wish to enter into full communion with Rome whilst preserving liturgical and other elements of their Anglican heritage.

However, the former Bishop of Quincy, the Rt Rev Keith Ackerman, in an interview published last month, noted that defining an Anglo-Catholic was not an entirely straightforward procedure. Broadly speaking, the principal Anglo-Catholic groups could be broken down into five parties: Anglo-Papalists who looked to Rome; the Anglo-Orthodox who looked to the Ecumenical patriarch and the churches of the East; the traditional High Church party; those in the Catholic breakaway groups generally called the Continuum; and the Affirming Catholic group whose members include Archbishop Rowan Williams and former US Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold.

Bishop Ackerman, who was deposed by Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori for allegedly abandoning the communion of the Episcopal Church, currently serves the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA).

“The point is,” Bishop Ackerman told Virtueonline, “it is rather difficult to characterise an Anglo-Catholic. The vast majority may well agree that an Anglo-Catholic is one who believes in the reality of the continuation of a pre-1540s Church in England and as with a number of the principles of the Oxford Movement.”

However, among American Anglo-Catholics, the “vast majority” have “have always believed and taught that they are Catholics but not Roman Catholics.”


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2. Iain Dunross - March 8, 2011

The church of Rome has many adherants who are intellectually dead. To poach many more from Anglicans does the Anglicans a favour.

3. Alan Feather - April 11, 2011

To characterise Roman Catholics or Anglo-Catholics in general as “intellectually dead” is both offensive and completely untrue.

As an example, take the Holy Father himself. Whatever you feel about his views, he is unquestionably both learned and intelligent. My own priest, who is an Oxford Movement Anglo-Catholic is intelligent and thoughtful as are many others that I have met.

It is a difficult time to be an Anglo-Catholic at the moment and few people would describe themselves as one without a great deal of thought and consideration.

Stooping to vulgar abuse is the last thing that the Church of England needs now.

4. ROBYN - August 10, 2011

it’s dead. the movement is on its last legs. really. there are a few thriving parishes…but really. r.i.p.

5. Jack E. Boucher - October 21, 2011

Balony! The ordinariate [sic] is far from dead. It is not even in a faint! Any persons, clergy included, that proclaim otherwise are grossy and badly misled and uninformed I say, ‘WAKE UP PEOPLE AND SMELL THE COFFEE!”! HENRY VIII HAS BEEN DEAD FOR CENTURIES. NOW TO THE POINT. You may be interested to know that The Catholic Church is up to the arm pits in the Tridentine [Extraordinary Form] Mass. On April 24, 2010, the Washington DC BASILICA OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, HOSTED ITS FIRST MASS IN THE GREAT UPPER CHURCH IN THE TRADITIONAL LATIN FORM. THE PROCESSION TO THE ALTAR WAS A BLOCK AND AHALF LONG! There were an estimated 6,000 worshippers present. It required 20 priests to distribute communion [kneeling} The Mass was so successful that the Cardinal of the Archdiocese…..modern & liberal guy……would not grant permission for the Mass to be repeated! HE HAD NOT ANTICIPATED THAT IT WOULD BE SO ENORMOUSLY SUCCESSFUL, AND DID NOT WANT TO RISK OR ENCOURAGE CATHOLICS TO FLEE THE “NO” {NOVUS ORDO AND RETURN TO THE OLD MASS. NOTE FYI: THE NOVUS ORDO IS NOT A MASS….IT IS A “LITURGY” AND IS AS RELIGIOUS AN EXERCISE, AS A FOOTBALL GAME!. YOU WANT TO WORSHIP OUR LORD? THEN COME TO AN OLD CHURCH THAT WORSHIPS THE HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS! You may print my name…Jack E. Boucher, Silver Spring MD

6. lucy - December 26, 2011

The anglican church is a joke. The archbishop of canterbury told Prince william he could live with Kate without marriage and then ditch her if it didn’t “work out”. Let’s see Abortion check, gay marriage check, living together without marriage check…. This has never been a part of Christianity. The Roman cahtolic church hasn’t “poached” anyone. The people are fleeing the sinking ship. It’s a ship that was built on sin and lies. King Henry VIII: tell me what I want to hear, and the church of England was born and has been telling people what they want to hear ever since.

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