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Dr Williams appoints a bishop for central Sri Lanka: The Church of England Newspaper, Dec 9, 2010 December 9, 2010

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Bishop Greg Shantha Kumar Francis of Kurunegala

First published in The Church of England Newspaper.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has appointed a bishop for the Diocese of Kurunegala in the Church of Ceylon.

On Nov 7 the diocese announced that Dr. Williams and the Bishop of Colombo had selected Archdeacon Greg Shantha Kumar Francis to succeed Bishop Kumara Illangsinghe as the fifth bishop of the Central Sri Lankan diocese.

A spokesman for Lambeth Palace told the Church of England Newspaper the choice fell to Dr. Williams in his capacity as Metropolitan of the Church of Ceylon after the diocesan electoral commission “was unable to decide on the right name by the necessary majority.”

Following his announcement that he would retire by year’s end, an electoral commission consisting of six clergy and six lay delegates was elected on Sept 19 to select a list of candidates to succeed Bishop Illangsinghe.

However, the committee was unable to submit a slate of candidates by April 3, 2010 for election at the 54th annual diocesan synod, prompting the Rev. Neil Wimalaratne to ask the Kandy District Court to block the election of a bishop for violating section A.3.14 of the Constitution of the Church of Ceylon.

Mr. Wimalaratne asked the court to compel the diocese to conform to the Church of Ceylon’s constitution and place the selection of a new bishop in the hands of the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop of Colombo acting in conjunction with the electoral commission.

The diocese responded by placing the matter in the hands of Dr. Williams and the Bishop of Colombo, who “proposed a name, in consultation with the diocesan consultative body,” Lambeth Palace said.


1. Tissa Amunugama - December 25, 2010

God has select the correct person, this selection is not from the world it’s perfectly from the above, Kurunagala Diocese will be revivify. We wish him all the Best with prayers

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