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Corruption charges brought against the Moderator of the CSI: The Church of England Newspaper, May 14, 2010 p 7. May 21, 2010

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The Rt Rev S. Vasantha Kumar, Bishop in Karnataka Central

First published in The Church of England Newspaper.

The head of the Church of South India is under investigation by police in Bangalore for allegedly stealing £6,000 from two church schools under his care.

On May 4 a magistrate’s court instructed the police to investigate allegations that the Rt Rev Suputhrappa Vasantha Kumar, Bishop in the Karnataka Central Diocese and Moderator of the CSI, had diverted funds belonging to Bishop Cotton Boys School and Bishop Cotton Girls School in Bangalore to his private bank account.

Last month, Mr I Sounderraj of St Peter’s Church in Kolar Gold Fields lodged a private complaint against the Bishop with the court, alleging the Bishop and his wife had stolen over 400,000 rupees since 2002 through falsifying school documents and bank records from the two schools.

On May 6, Bishop Vasantha Kumar convened a meeting of the Diocese’s education commission and ordered the headmasters of the Bishop Cotton Boys and Girls Schools be transferred from their posts. Both head teachers protested their reassignment, while the Bangalore Mirror speculated the “Bishop is initiating action against the principals to prevent them from handing over sensitive documents to the Cubbon Park police and spilling the beans about him.”

However, on May 8 the Diocesan education secretary, the Rev John Milton, said the two principals were not being singled out as 17 headmasters had been reassigned by the Diocese to new posts at the May 6 meeting.

The Mirror said that it was a common practice for the two schools to contribute funds to the bishop’s discretionary account each year. However, the funds given to the bishop by the school are alleged to have gone into the Bishop’s private account. Once known as the “Eton of the East,” Bishop Cotton Boys School was founded in 1865 by the Rev ST Pettigrew as a boarding school for Europeans and Anglo-Indians and remains one of India’s premier “public” schools.

The Diocese has denied the allegations of wrongdoing, and the police have declined to comment on their ongoing investigation.


1. James - May 24, 2010

CSI is no more called Church of South India.It is better known for Corruption Swinding and Immorality.

2. Elizabeth - May 28, 2010

CSI,is the largest church union in the world bringing many denominations into one fold without destroying the sentiments of the denominations,it has lived through 61years of preaching the gospel in a secular country like India the presentation of the Gospel is not affected in anyway because of the millions of faithful continuing to maintain their membership with the Church of South India.However the Administration needs to be given proper attention. There is a sudden hike in the per capita income in India and the administration should rise up to the demand of the situation.I wish C.S.I.to tide through this dark period and enter into organised establishment living to the commitment of the founders.

3. Jeremy Bliss - May 29, 2010

Bishop Vasanthkumar is in a relationship with his PA Patricia.

He doesnt know how to give a proper message in church.He fumbles for words.

His son married Rev.Selwyn’s Daughter and so Rev.Selwyn was sent to singapore to pastor a church there.

The Bishop also spent several crores for getting elected as moderator.Mrs.Christy Joseph (St.Marks Cathedral) was the person who handled the money and disbursed it.

4. Chelliah - June 4, 2010

CSI Moderator Vasantha Kumar, it is widely known, gave 25 lakhs of rupees to Tirunelvely bishop who was brought as bishop by the opponent candidate Bishop Asir. This was the secret of his victory. Time has now come for exposure of his clowns like bishop Lawrence (who ran away with his help after swindling money and then made bishop at the instigation of Vasanthakumar bishop).
God save CSI.

rajiah pande - June 25, 2010

Is it true? My God! Originally the present administrators of Tirunelveli diocese(Vedanayagam Faction) supported Madurai Bishop Rt.Rev.Asir.at courtalam.At the last minute the same group changed side and supported Rt.Rev.vasanthakumar.This was initiated by Rev.sargunam a presbyter in Tirunelveli diocese. The reason told was “Bishop Asir didnot respected them” Now the real reason is exposed.Tirunelveli diocesan is unable to take any disciplinary actions on Rev.sargunam for his misbehavior.My doubt is the money might have gone to the key person of tha faction and not to Bishop

5. Rex Martin - June 5, 2010

Worried the way the CSI is going. What a witness!

6. John - June 12, 2010

Crooks who adorn the dress of bishops have to be subjected to criminal prosecution and it is time for a mass uprising of the members of CSI to take the whip like how Jesus did and drive out all the swindlers who have turned the church into a ‘den of thieves’.

7. God is seeing you - June 29, 2010

Its very sad and devastating that the Church Of South India has lost its sanctity and tradition. The Anglican tradition suffers in the hands of the CSI. The presbyters in the CSI has no knowledge of the tradition of the church…Who gave the authority to forego the divine order of service….

If CSI presbyters want to abolish the sacred tradition of the high church, then they will suffer for it…

They will suffer the wrath of GOD…

1 question to the CSI presbyters:
Hello presbyters listen, if you’ll are not capable enough to handle the tradition of the church and its divine office,then first fore go your REVEREND title which came from the traditional catholic and the anglican church…
Then first stop wearing robes and sacramental clothes for the service in high and low anglican churches,which also came from the traditional catholic and the anglican church…

Shame on people who cant even conduct a designed order of service….

An anglican church should be an anglican church to praise GOD…It not a cinema theatre to praise human like you…

1st of all know 1 thing,,,if you want to appoint a presbyter for an anglican or a high church with sacred tradition, then appoint a person who knows the sanctity of it. Don’t put airheads who create scenes and bring in stupid culture inside the church….

God save the sacred tradition from these idiots….

8. DUTHIE RAJAKUMAR - July 23, 2010

Please do not record comments without knowing the facts. CSI, we have so many committees to govern the institutions. Bishop is the head of each and every committees and governing bodies. So he can not take any money. He is not the treasurer of the diocese. How does he take the money. If any problem found in the finance related matters, immediately the concerned board’s committee members and the treasurer need to be questioned. The president is one among the committee member and the President too.

The pain is, many Bishops are falsely accused and not given sufficient time to explain the reality to the public. Some unwanted elements are always inside the diocese and some other whom not at all belongs to the CSI take it an advantage to ridicule the Christianity and the Church.

People go to Bishop for favor and when their needs are not being fulfilled then they say false allegations towards the leaders.This is what happening in the CSI Churches now a days.Please be aware of the facts.

If a Bishop is taking money from the diocese either through forgery or selling a property without the consent of the diocesan committee and the CSI TA for his personal account, he can be punished. He should not be punished or criticized otherwise.

Please do not make comments for the sake publicity. Before record your comments please write your name and the e mail ID. People wants to make comments but do not wants to disclose their name and e mail ID and address.

I acknowledge that there are mistakes but find out the reality. Instead of that do not criticize only Bishop for the sake of criticizing.

9. Rev.Dr.P.K.Kuruvilla, C.S.I.Christ Chuerch, Kodukulanji P.O, Chengannur, PIN 689508.,Alappuzha, KERALA < INDIA - July 26, 2010

include me in your subscribing list. I was shocked by hearing the news. Being a pastor of Church of South India I like to get more information regarding this matter.

10. Alex P oommen - August 11, 2010

kindly include me in your mailing list. so that i will be able to get know what is happaening the christian world

11. hujf - October 6, 2010

They are only whitewashed tombs but inside they are full of evil things. They dont have any salvation experience. If they had they would put out the corrupt people out of church. Those things were not tolerable at the time of Paul.

i big thing I learnt in my life -Be like Bereans who were of more noble character than the Thessalonians. For they went and checked in scriptures if what Paul said was correct”. If no less than paul was under scanner who are these stupid people and they are going to pay for it one day. Psalm 111:9 we read, “He has sent redemption to his people; he has ordained his covenant forever; holy and reverend is his name

These people call themselves as Reverend!!!. They are taking the place of God indirectly. The outcome will be only what Lucifer got.

12. John Chandy - November 22, 2010

The formation of The Church of South India turns out to be the greatest mistake in the history of the Church

13. VARGHESE.T.JACOB - January 22, 2011


14. chacko john - February 15, 2011

The comments appeared on this site may or maynot be true.It assumes serious proportion, when the accused is a preiest whether it is from CSI or not.Persons who took upon themselves the burden of propagating Lords wishes should be above all these wordly pleasuresPl include me in the mailing list.


15. Jebaraj - March 2, 2011

You are talking about anglican tradition!.
Is Gay marriage Anglican tradition?
Is lesbian Anglican tradition?

God’s curses will come to the Anglican Bishops and Wicked Priests.

We must know that Sodom and Gomorrah fallen and cursed by the Lord because of these cruel sins.

Oh! cruel and wicked bishops, why you come to our churches and destroys our God’s assets?

Oh! God .. Do not forgive these wicked priests.
Corruption, scandal, Adultery, Rowdyism … these all are qualification for the post of Bishop.
My Address:
D. Jebaraj
300/8, SS Complex
100 Feet Road, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore – 641 012
Tamil Nadu, India

Phone No: 98945 87961
Email: Djebaraj1976@yahoo.co.in

Kindly prove that these Bishops are faithfulness.

rajiah - March 11, 2011

The above qualifications fits for SOME of the CSI presbyters also

16. Rajesh - April 27, 2011

1 Timothy 6:10

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

17. Stevecase - June 14, 2011

why there is no voice among you, We all see the people using GOD’s name and having luxurious life. Most expensive CARs , luxurious house more then 3. People in Christ, nobody in CSI spread the word of GOD. why ???????????

18. Stevecase - June 14, 2011

Vasanth Kumar ( known as Bishop) , can somebody share the full details about this person.

19. J.R.THOMPSON - August 22, 2011

shame to have such person that to has a bishop/moderator of the csi. very very shame CSI.

20. pavi - August 24, 2011

dear bishop what ever u did in life it all corrupted. ask jesus to for give and what ever u stolen from the kcd try to give it back to the poor and needdy in christian families. in ur period u wasted lot of time with ur patty, insted of serveing gods word. i soory to say this as a bishop u should not. okay ur time has come to leave the sit. please arrage the next bishop. he should not be a correpted one

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