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Orthodox Anglicans must act now to survive, Sydney Archbishop says: The Church of England Newspaper, May 7, 2010 p 8. May 12, 2010

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The Archbishop of Sydney

First published in The Church of England Newspaper.

The Anglican Communion has passed its tipping point, the Archbishop of Sydney said last week, as the Global South coalition within the Anglican Communion has come to believe that the reform of the communion will no longer be led from London.

Writing in response to the Fourth Global South to South Encounter in Singapore, on April 28 Dr. Peter Jensen said he was not surprised the meeting had not garnered much of a reaction.  The statement from Singapore “simply confirms the obvious. The crisis moment has now passed,” he said.

He explained that many Anglican provinces had “given up” on the US and Canadian “official” churches “and regard themselves as being out of communion with them. They renew the call for repentance but can see that, failing something like the Great Awakening, it will not occur.”

The gathering was also “unresponsive” to Dr. Williams’ plea for patience, he said.  “I don’t think that what [Dr. Williams] said was obscure. It just seemed to be from another age, another world. His plea for patience misjudged the situation by several years and his talk of the Anglican covenant was not where the actual conference was at.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury “seemed to suggest that the consecration of a partnered lesbian Bishop will create a crisis. In fact the crisis itself has passed. We are now on the further side of the critical moment; the decisions have all been made; we are already living with the consequences,” he said.

Dr. Jensen noted the Encounter endorsed an Anglican Covenant, but were concerned with the current draft’s lack of disciplinary authority and the “monitoring power to the Standing Committee when it should belong to the Primates.”

He noted the “very appearance of the body called ‘The Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion’ was the cause of much private comment,” in Singapore.

“Even if it is a totally innocent development, it seems to fit with the frequent experience of the Global South that they are neither consulted nor listened to and that the deck is always stacked against them,” he said, adding that there was “now a very considerable breakdown in trust” within the communion.

The communiqué’s praise for Archbishops Mouneer Anis, Henry Orombi and Ian Ernest in their “determination no longer to attend meetings with representatives of the North Americans is a further indication that the crisis point has been passed and that we are now in the era of consequences.”

“Right action demands that we understand our own times accurately,” Dr. Jensen said, and at present the communion is in “the post-crisis phase, we need to know what such a moment requires. Action in this phase is no less demanding. One thing is for sure: those who wait and do nothing will be playing into the hands of ideologues who have had such a triumph in the west,” he said.

The remaining orthodox in the “churches in the west” must act now, “if they wish to survive,” the archbishop said.


1. Graham Lawn - May 15, 2010

Archbishop Jensen is spot on. It’s been obvious for some years that the liberals in the Episcopal Church have no intentions of repenting or changing their intentions. Anglicans who believe in the plain message of Scripture must press on with the Lord’s last command and not be side -tracked by this disobedience.

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