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Call to abolish blasphemy law: CEN 11.06.09 p 6. November 12, 2009

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The Church of Pakistan has called upon its government to repeal the nation’s blasphemy laws, saying the legislation designed to protect the integrity of Islam was being used to persecute Christians for financial and political gain.

In a statement released following a meeting of its Executive Committee on Oct 21, the Church of Pakistan said the recent spate of attacks on Christians “has raised yet again the whole issue of the status and security of the religious minorities in an overwhelmingly Islamic country like Pakistan.”

Citing the July 31 attack on Gojra, where 10 Christians were killed by mob of Muslim militants, the Church of Pakistan said its members were “victimized under the false pretext of either having desecrated the Holy Quran or insulting the holy Prophet of Islam.”

“Such cases have become rampant during the recent decades as the Pakistani society has become increasingly intolerant of fellow Pakistanis, based on their religious identity,” they said.

The Blasphemy Law was being “blatantly and maliciously abused for the harassment and marginalization of Christians” and “almost all such cases arise out of personal disputes and malice or to gain some political points or even for some sinister covert operations,” they said.

They urged the government to repeal the Blasphemy Law, and introduce safeguards for the country’s minority communities. “We strongly demand of the Political Parties to resist all temptations to use the ‘religion card’ for political gains and instead use their influence and network to foster peace and harmony among all communities,” they said

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