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Roll call votes on key issues: TLC 7.17.09 July 17, 2009

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First published in The Living Church.

Resolutions D025 and C056 sparked three roll call votes during the House of Bishops’ sessions of the 76th General Convention in Anaheim, Calif.

The Rt. Rev. Kenneth Price, Bishop Suffragan of Southern Ohio, told the house on July 15 that the official tallies from the votes on D025 that rescinded the moratorium on gay bishops, on a motion offered by the Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe, Bishop of Northwestern Pennsylvania to discharge C056, and the final vote on C056 which authorized the collection and development of rites for the blessing of same-sex liturgies, would not be complete until the end of convention. The hand tallies taken by the six tellers at the meetings needed to be reconciled, he said.

Bishop Price reported that Resolution D025 was adopted by a vote of 99 yes, 45 no, 2 abstained.

The Rowe amendment was defeated on a vote of 94 no, 42 yes, 1 abstentions. Resolution D058 was passed on a vote of 104 yes, 30 no, 2 abstentions, Bishop Price said. .

Roll call votes are taken in the House of Bishops in order of seniority taken in order of consecration. The senior bishop present for the votes, the Rt. Rev. David Reed, retired Bishop of Kentucky, is Bishop 603 — the 603rd bishop consecrated to serve The Episcopal Church since its creation. The junior bishop is the Rt. Rev. J. Scott Mayer, Bishop of Northwest Texas — Bishop 1035 in order of consecration.

Bishops are listed in order of consecration. The votes are in this order: D025,  Rowe, and  C056.

David B. Reed, Retired Bishop of Kentucky (y y y)

William Frey, Acting Bishop of the Rio Grande( n _ _ )

Otis Charles. Retired Bishop of Utah (y n y)

Gerald McAllister. Retired Bishop of Oklahoma (n_ _ )

Rustin Kimsey. Assisting Bishop for Alaska (y_ _ )

Herbert A. Donovan. Assisting Bishop of New York (y_ _ )

James H. Ottley. Assisting Bishop of Long Island (y n y)

Leopold Frade. Bishop of Southeast Florida (y n y)

Peter Lee. Bishop of Virginia (y y n)

Don Wimberly, Retired Bishop of Texas (_ _ n)

Robert Ladehoff, Retired Bishop of Oregon (y n _ )

Douglas Theuner, Retired Bishop of New Hampshire. (y n y)

Arthur Williams, Jr., Retired Bishop Suffragan of Ohio ( y y _ )

E. Don Taylor, Assistant Bishop of New York ( _ y y)

Jeffery Rowthorn. Retired (American Churches in Europe) (n y n)

Orris G. Walker, Bishop of Long Island (y _ _ )

Frederick Borsch. Retired Bishop of Los Angeles  (y_ _ )

Christopher Epting. Bishop for Ecumenical Relations (y _ _ )

Barbara Harris. Assisting Bishop of Washington (y n y)

John Buchanan, Provisional Bishop of Quincy (y n y)

Robert H. Johnson, Assisting Bishop of Pittsburgh (y y y)

Sanford Hampton, Assisting Bishop of Oregon (y n y)

John W. Howe. Bishop of Central Florida (n y n)

Sergio Carranza-Gomez, Assistant Bishop of Los Angeles (y n y)

Edward L. Salmon. Retired Bishop of South Carolina (n y n)

Charles Keyser. Assisting Bishop of Florida (y y y)

Huntington Williams, Retired Suffragan, North Carolina  (y _ y)

Chester L. Talton. Bishop Suffragan of Los Angeles (y n y)

Victor Scantlebury, Assisting Bishop of Chicago (a n a)

Steven Charleston, Assistant Bishop of California (y n y)

Jerry A. Lamb, Provisional Bishop of San Joaquin (y n y)

Alfred C. Marble. Assisting Bishop of North Carolina (y n y)

Peter Beckwith. Bishop of Springfield (n y n)

James Stanton. Bishop of Dallas (n y n)

Jean Duracin. Bishop of Haiti (n y n)

F. Clayton Matthews, Office of Pastoral Development (y n _ )

James Jelinek, Bishop of Minnesota (y n y)

Edwin Gulick, Bishop of Kentucky and Provisional, Fort Worth (y n y)

Russell E. Jacobus. Bishop of Fond du Lac (n y n)

M. Thomas Shaw SSJE, Bishop of Massachusetts (y n y)

Alfredo Morante, Bishop of Litoral Ecuador (n n y)

Kenneth Price, Bishop Suffragan of Southern Ohio. (y n y)

Henry I. Louttit. Bishop of Georgia. (n n n)

Dorsey F. Henderson. Bishop of Upper South Carolina. (y n y)

Rev. David Jones. Bishop Suffragan of Virginia (y n y)

Catherine S. Roskam. Bishop Suffragan of New York (y n y)

Geralyn Wolf. Bishop of Rhode Island (n y n)

William Skilton. Assistant Bishop of the Dominican Republic (n y n)

Andrew Smith, Bishop of Connecticut (y _ _ )

Carolyn Irish. Bishop of Utah (y n y)

Paul V. Marshall. Bishop of Bethlehem (y n y)

Clifton Daniel. Bishop of East Carolina (y n y)

Henry Parsley. Bishop of Alabama (n y y)

Gordon Scruton. Bishop of Western Massachusetts (a n y)

F. Neff Powell. Bishop of Southwestern Virginia (y _ y)

Richard Chang. Retired Bishop of Hawai’i (y n y)

Rodney Michel. Assisting Bishop of Pennsylvania (y n y)

Catherine Waynick. Bishop of Indianapolis (y n y)

Bruce Caldwell. Bishop of Wyoming (y n y)

Charles Jenkins. Bishop of Louisiana (n n y)

Barry Howe. Bishop of West Missouri (y n y)

Chilton Knudsen. Retired Bishop of Maine (y n y)

Mark S. Sisk. Bishop of New York (y n y)

Wayne Wright. Bishop of Delaware (y n y)

John Rabb. Bishop Suffragan of Maryland (n n y)

John Croneberger, Assistant Bishop of Bethlehem (_ n y)

Charles von Rosenberg Bishop of East Tennessee (y y n)

William Persell. Retired Bishop of Chicago (y n y)

Keith Whitmore. Assistant Bishop of Atlanta (n n y)

The Rt. Rev. J. Michael Garrison. Bishop of Western New York (y n y)

D. Bruce MacPherson. Bishop of Western Louisiana (n y n)

Wendell N. Gibbs, Bishop of Michigan (y n y)

George Packard, Suffragan, Armed Services (n n y)

Edward Little, Bishop of Northern Indiana (n y n)

J. Jon Bruno.,Bishop of Los Angeles (y n y)

Michael B. Curry. Bishop of North Carolina (y n y)

Duncan Gray III. Bishop of Mississippi (n y n)

William O. Gregg. Assistant Bishop of North Carolina (y n y)

Stacy Sauls. Bishop of Lexington (y n y)

James Curry. Bishop Suffragan of Connecticut (y n y)

Wilfrido Ramos-Orench. Bishop of Central Ecuador (y _ _ )

James Waggoner, Bishop of Spokane ( _ n y)

David Jung-Hsin Lai. Bishop of Taiwan (n y n)

Katharine Jefferts Schori. Presiding Bishop (y n y)

Roy F. Cederholm Jr., Bishop Suffragan of Massachusetts (y n y)

Thomas C. Ely, Bishop of Vermont (y n y)

Philip Duncan. Bishop of Central Gulf Coast (n n n)

Don E. Johnson. Bishop of West Tennessee (y n y)

Neil Alexander. Bishop of Atlanta (y n y)

Francisco Duque. Bishop of Colombia (n y _ )

Michie Klusmeyer, Bishop of West Virginia (n y y)

The Rt. Rev. Lloyd Allen. Bishop of Honduras (n y n)

Gladstone B. Adams, Bishop of Central New York (y n y)

Pierre Whalon, Convocation of American Churches in Europe (y n y)

Marc Andrus, Bishop of California (y n y)

G.W. Smith, Bishop of Missouri (y n y)

James M. Adams, Bishop of Western Kansas (n y n)

John Chane. Bishop of Washington (y n y)

Gayle Harris. Bishop Suffragan of Massachusetts (y n y)

J.J. “Bud” Shand, Bishop of Easton (n n y)

Alan Scarfe. Bishop of Iowa (y n y)

David Alvarez, Bishop of Puerto Rico (y _ _ )

Joe Burnett, Bishop of Nebraska (y n y)

C. Franklin Brookhart, Jr., Bishop of Montana (y y y)

Rayford High, Bishop Suffragan of Texas (n n y)

Robert O’Neill, Bishop of Colorado (y n y)

George Councell, Bishop of New Jersey (y n y)

Steven A. Miller, Bishop of Milwaukee (n n y)

S. Johnson Howard, Bishop of Florida (n y n)

V. Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire (y n y)

Dean Wolfe, Bishop of Kansas (y n y)

Gary Lillibridge, Bishop of West Texas (n y n)

Kirk S. Smith, Bishop of Arizona (y y y)

Mark Hollingsworth, Jr., Bishop of Ohio (y n y)

Michael Smith, Bishop of North Dakota (n y n)

G. Porter Taylor, Bishop of Western North Carolina (y n y)

Bavi Rivera, Bishop Suffragan of Olympia (y n y)

James Mathes, Bishop of San Diego (y n y)

Edward Ambrose Gumbs, Bishop of Virgin Islands (n y n)

David Reed, Bishop Suffragan of West Texas (n y n)

S. Todd Ousley, Bishop of Eastern Michigan (y n y)

William Love, Bishop of Albany (n y n)

Barry Beisner, Bishop of Northern California (y n y)

Dena Harrison, Bishop Suffragan of Texas (n y n)

Nathan Baxter, Bishop of Central Pennsylvania (y n y)

Larry R. Benfield, Bishop of Arkansas (y n y)

Mark Beckwith, Bishop of Newark (y n y)

John C. Bauerschmidt, Bishop of Tennessee (n y n)

Dabney Smith, Bishop of Southwest Florida (n y y)

Robert Fitzpatrick, Bishop of Hawaii (y y y)

Thomas Breidenthal, Bishop of Southern Ohio (y n y)

Shannon Johnston , Bishop Coadjutor of Virginia (n n y)

Laura Ahrens, Bishop Suffragan of Connecticut (y n y)

Sean Rowe, Bishop of Northwestern Pennsylvania (n y y)

Edward J. Konieczny, Bishop of Oklahoma (n y n)

Gregory Rickel, Bishop of Olympia (y n y)

Mary Gray-Reeves, Bishop of El Camino Real (y n y)

Dan Edwards, Bishop of Nevada (y n y)

John Sloan, Bishop Suffragan of Alabama (y y y)

Mark J. Lawrence, Bishop of South Carolina (n y n)

Jeffrey Lee, Bishop of Chicago (y n y)

Sylveste Romero, Assistant Bishop of New Jersey (y _ _ )

Stephen Lane, Bishop of Maine (y n y)

Prince Singh, Bishop of Rochester (y n y)

Eugene Sutton, Bishop of Maryland (y n y)

Paul Lambert, Bishop Suffragan of Dallas (n y n)

Brian Thom, Bishop of Idaho (y n y)

Andrew Doyle, Bishop of Texas (n y n)

Herman Hollerith, Bishop of Southern Virginia (y n y)

J. Scott Mayer, Bishop of Northwest Texas (_ y y)


1. Fred Ayers - July 20, 2009

I am stunned at the number of bishops who voted no on D025 but voted yes on C056. Are they saying it is not all right to have gay bishops but it IS okay to bless same sex unions? Where is the logic? Did these bishops understand what they were voting on?

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