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Bishop of Peshawar urges British support for Church of Pakistan: CEN 4.03.09 p 6. April 4, 2009

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Christian schools and hospitals play a vital role in fostering interfaith dialogue, the Bishop of Peshawar has claimed, urging British support for the work of the Church of Pakistan.

Speaking last week at a conference in Scotland on minority churches in Islamic majority areas, the Bishop of Peshawar, the Rt. Rev. Mano Rumalshah said the North West Frontier Province was now one of the “most difficult areas in the world today.”

Home to 16 million people, the province was “very precarious and insecure for everybody,” Bishop Rumalshah told members of the World Mission Council of the Church of Scotland. “We have now become the capital for suicide bombers.”

The situation for the Christian minority community was “doubly precarious,” he said, as its members were subject to discrimination and prejudice.

While it accounted for only 3 percent of the population, the church’s “presence is multiplied by what we do” within the community. The church’s schools, hospitals, development programmes and social service agencies “reach out” to the wider community.

“Almost 95 percent of those who visit are Muslim” Bishop Ramalshah said, and “if we don’t engage through these places there is no other dialogue.”



1. sikander00 - April 4, 2009

Pakistan is going through a very difficult period and is a victim of terrorism.
If a patient is sick, there is a need to help it recover by medication and not by killing it.
Pakistan needs your help and understanding in this hour of need as we are suffering and want to be the frond of West not enemy.


By Sikander Hayat

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