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Guyana must find a new bishop: CEN 3.27.09 p 8. March 29, 2009

Posted by geoconger in Church of England Newspaper, Church of the Province of the West Indies.

The Chancellor of the Diocese of Guyana has written to the House of Bishops of the Church of the Province of the West Indies seeking the bishops’ intervention following last month’s failed election in the South American country.

On Feb 12 delegates to a special meeting of synod held in Queenstown were unable to elect a bishop to succeed the Rt. Rev. Randolph George, who retired in December after 29 years as bishop. The failed Guyana election has also postponed the selection of a new archbishop for the province as the canons require a full House of Bishops to name a new primate.

The Rt. Rev. Santosh Marray, a Guyanese native who served as Bishop of the Seychelles from 2005 to 2008 and who last month was appointed to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Pastoral Visitor’s programme, won two thirds of the clergy vote. However, the rector of St. Philips, Georgetown, the Rev. Andy Carto won two thirds of the lay vote. A two-thirds majority is required in both houses for election.

Local radio station Demerara Waves reported the balloting was suspended after tellers found that more ballots had been cast than the number of eligible voters present.
Diocesan chancellor Desiree Bernard asked the House of Bishops to appoint a bishop, a course open to the diocese in the event of a deadlocked election. An appointment is expected soon so as to permit the full House of Bishops to elect a successor to Archbishop Drexel Gomez who retired in December.

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