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Second Fort Worth Diocese Created: CEN 2.23.09 February 23, 2009

Posted by geoconger in Church of England Newspaper, Fort Worth, Secession.
Episcopalians loyal to the national Church in New York have formed a second Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth at a special convention held Feb 7.

The new diocese, formed around five congregations and individual Episcopalians who declined to follow the majority out of the Episcopal Church into the Province of the Southern Cone, invited the Bishop of Kentucky, the Rt Rev Edwin Gulick to serve as its provisional bishop for the next six months, and elected diocesan officers.

Read it all in The Church of England Newspaper.

Second Fort Worth diocese created


1. Rick+ - February 23, 2009

There is no “second” Fort Worth Diocese; it is the Fort Worth Diocese of the Episcopal Church.

2. The Rev. Stuart B. Smith - February 24, 2009

#1: Actually, you are right: it is not a “2nd” Fort Worth Diocese. There is only one Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth, with its bishop, The Rt. Rev. Jack Iker leading the dozens of happily faithful congregations forward in Faith. What Bp. Gullick has agreed to is some kind of newly established TEC diocese…formed without reference to the canons of the diocese of Ft. Worth, and established by a rogue group of Episcopalians who were unfortunately encouraged by the lamentable Presiding Bishop.

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