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Tanzania churches criticise mining mismanagement: CEN 10.24.08 p 6. October 26, 2008

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Government mismanagement of Tanzania’s mining industry has led the despoliation of the land and a loss of £150 million in potential tax revenues, a report released by Tanzanian churches has charged.

A report entitled “A Golden Opportunity? How Tanzania is failing to benefit from gold mining” released last week in Dar es Salaam, charged that tax concessions given to international mining conglomerates had cheated the people of Tanzania. The £150 million in lost revenues was a “very conservative estimate,” the report said, as it did not cover all gold mining concessions as well as the intangible costs of granting overseas mining concerns preferential tax treatment.

While large-scale gold mining employed 7,135 miners and had led to lower production costs, it had come at the “expense of small-scale artisan miners, around 400,000 of whom have been put out to work,” the report said.

Read it all in The Church of England Newspaper.

Tanzania churches criticise mining mismanagement
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