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Duncan dumps Windsor: CEN 8.29.08 p 3. August 29, 2008

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Published in The Church of England Newspaper.

The Windsor Continuation Group (WCG)’s proposals for a “holding tank” for American traditionalists is a non-starter, the Bishop of Pittsburgh said, as it assumes traditionalists would want to be part of an unreformed American church.

Writing to a member of the WCG, West Texas Bishop Gary Lillibridge on Aug 11, Bishop Robert Duncan shared traditionalist concerns over the inadequacy of the proposals and their naïve view of the state of the American church.

While the contents of the letter are in line with statements made by Bishop Duncan during the Lambeth Conference, its release was a matter of controversy as it was leaked by a member of the WCG to a left wing commentator and circulated on the internet on Aug 18.

Bishop Duncan released the full text of the letter on Aug 20 stating he was “happy to publicly acknowledge” the “concerns we in the Common Cause Partnership have about the proposals of the Windsor Continuation Group. Nonetheless, it is disturbing to discover that at least one member of the [WCG], a body that is supposed to be working for reconciliation in the Anglican Communion, so quickly leaked private correspondence in an attempt to gain some passing political advantage,” he said.

The WCG’s proposals for the American church raised four concerns, Bishop Duncan said. The proposal to cease “all cross-border interventions and inter-provincial claims of jurisdiction” posited a “moral equivalence” between gay bishops and blessings by the left and the border crossings of the right. Such a “notion” had been “specifically rejected” by the Windsor Report and the Dromantine primates meeting, he said.

Nor was it possible to “freeze” the game board in the US as the pieces were already in play “for those of us in the process of separating from The Episcopal Church.”

“Pittsburgh, Quincy and Fort Worth have taken first constitutional votes on separation with second votes just weeks away. We all anticipate coming under Southern Cone this fall, thus to join San Joaquin. This process cannot be stopped,” he explained, and to undo what had been done “without guarantees from the other side would be suicidal.”

There was no desire by those who had left the Episcopal Church for the African-overseen jurisdiction in the US to enter a “holding tank” that would funnel back into the Episcopal Church, as it was “obvious to all at Lambeth that the majorities in the US and Canada have no intention of reversing direction.”

He added that there had been no cessation of litigation by the Episcopal Church and Anglican Church of Canada against traditionalists, with “no willingness to mediate or negotiate though we have proposed it repeatedly.”

US Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has not responded to the claims made in Bishop Duncan’s letter. However, she has already stated she plans to bring the Pittsburgh bishop up on charges before the US House of Bishops at its special meeting in September.

The House of Bishops will meet in special closed session Sept 17-19 in Salt Lake City and is expected to discuss the Lambeth Conference as well as Bishop Duncan. Whether the Pittsburgh bishop will be brought to trial during the meeting is unclear. Pittsburgh’s synod will not vote on secession until Oct 4.


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