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Appeal for Saudi woman facing death penalty for ‘witchcraft’: CEN 2.15.08 February 15, 2008

Posted by geoconger in Church of England Newspaper, Civil Rights, Crime, Islam, Wicca/Druidism.
AN AMERICAN civil liberties group has written an open letter to the King of Saudi Arabia, urging him to pardon a woman sentenced to death for witchcraft under Sharia law.

Fawza Falih was condemned to death by a court in the town of Quraiyat after confessing under interrogation to having used sorcery to bewitch people. Witchcraft is not a crime under the Saudi penal code, however Sharia, or Muslim religious law, forbids its practice.

Read it all in The Church of England Newspaper’s Religious Intelligence section.



1. jeff - October 31, 2008

Thou Shall Not kill she might be a good drudic person God says Thou Shall Not kill dont kill her or youll probably be dead on jugement day

2. jeff - October 31, 2008

oh sorry i just thought she didint kill someone for real it was spiritual mediums you might not die on jugement day im not God i dont know

3. jeff - October 31, 2008

Id like to say im turly sorry about talking to the preident this way but im pissed because you dont give us much oil you cant kill me ill bet a millon dollers the president of saudi arabia is assume in cool hes a cool man give us oil in the U.S.A spiritual mediums a sacrifices that kill anyone for you the president is the man drudic fairys are good id never hurt any one i want to say im sorry one last time be my freind and ill show you the power of the angels or just type in angel magic on amozone book ill give you power thats a 500$ book you can aford it because you have all the oil ohh 1 more thang my power comes from GOD alah jehova what ever you want to call him the angels and GOD is with me i love you president

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