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The Assistant Bishop of Central Florida February 10, 2008

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The Rt. Rev. Hugo Pina Lopez


1. Bishop Asher kamran - March 10, 2008

Bishop. Asher Kamran
Bishop of Methodist Church in Pakistan
Chairman (Reg) Methodist Mission (F)
Multan (Pakistan)
All Pakistan Minorities
Alliance Muslim League (Q)
NAZAM (Minority)
MEMBER City Dist.Government Multan.
Chairman Usman Khan Memorial &Methodist Mission Hospital Loothar Multan.

His Excellency
Of Bishop Hugo Pina Lopes

Subject: Looking for Visit and wish to unite with you in Pakistan

Today I am very glad to visit your website. I’d like to thank you because you are doing Jesus duty very well .So I am really impressed by your work and efforts for the Christian people’s development. May God give you more strength to continue your mission. I shall be very delighted to visit your church. I hope you will be also very happy to meet me.
I want to meet you personally and visit Or any event .conference, with my own expenses. I told you that please you don’t worry about my expenses. This is my warmly wish that please you send me the invitation of visit .SO I want to you in church ministry and unite your church ministry in pakistan ..
I am sending you a brief explanation of History of minorities in Pakistan which are given below. “Please read it carefully and reply me as soon as possible”.

History of minorities in Pakistan

Pakistan is an Islamic state with a population of 140 million people of which 97% are Muslims, 1.6% are Christians. While dominant Muslim majority share a common interest in their general faith, they are also divided into many schools of thought.

Since 1991, Christians and Hindus have had to face the realities of the strengthening of Islamic fundamentalism. While the government has tried its best to support and defend religious minorities, Christians and Hindus must content by force and cause problems for these religious minorities. Recently, laws have been amended and passed which allow for the death penalty (295C-B) to be administered more liberally to Christian and Hindus, and the situation seem only worsen.

Who We Are

The Methodist Church is the largest ecumenical body in Multan, Pakistan now representing 2,5ooo churches of Pakistan. We are one of the few ecumenical bodies in the Pakistan that includes such a range of Christian churches and Usman Khan Memorial and Methodist Mission Hospital. The officers and staff of the Methodist Mission (F) Registered Multan, Pakistan are drawn from the whole diversity of traditions represented by the member churches.

The Methodist Mission was founded in Karachi (1873). Member churches believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Savior, according to the Scriptures. Members seek to fulfill together their common calling to the glory of one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

What we Do

We bring member churches into encounter with one another in a forum where all voices hold equal weight. We promote understanding among them and with other Christian churches.
We founded and sponsor Project Ploughshares, a leading Multan peace organization.
We provide a safe place for immigrant churches to learn about Pakistan specially Multan and to put down roots.
We undertake and promote theological study and reflection among Christian traditions.
We encourage and host churches’ participation in dialogue with people of other faiths.
We study, speak about and act on conditions that involve moral and spiritual principles, including current events such as the war on terror and societal issues such as the future of health care.
We share information broadly, communicating results of theological and ethical reflections to Multan and Pakistan governments.
We produce resources, including material for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
We provide material to chaplains in Pakistan’s armed forces and prisons, helping them work with stress-related trauma, mixed marriages and questions about life and death.
We are registered with the British Wesleyan Methodist Church and participate in world conferences and commissions on such issues as funding for development, refugee settlement and human rights
Our Mission
Some of the Methodist Missions projects included several primary and secondary schools, such as the Lucie Harrison High School for girls located in Lahore that was eventually nationalized by the government of Pakistan in 1972, a teacher training institute in Raiwind, and a cooperative effort among other Missions in running two colleges and hospital in Lahore.
In the recent days, in the view of present situation of people in Pakistan suffering from different diseases, we want to build a Hospital for the poor and needy people. Where they will be treated free of cost. I as a founder of Methodist Mission (F) Registered Multan, Pakistan feel pain for poor and needy people. I feel very sad whenever someone die without treatment. For this purpose I myself purchased a land to built the hospital also I donated this land for this cause it is about to 20 canals Loothar UC 70, near by Riaz Abad Station Multan. Where this land is situated there lived more than 30,000 people, also the most important thing is that before us, there is no hospital facility available. So, this is very first time that, there is being build such a fascinating type of hospital. Which contains nursing school for female and male both that will prove very useful for the development of the poor and hungry people.
Now What We Required
Our Present State: Right now, we are not in this situation that we build this hospital independently. For a log time ago, we are looking for charities and donors those who help us to make this dream true. When we know about you my heart is filled with joy. Now I am very delighted to writing all these to you. We are raising funds from our ministry but it is just enough for our pastor’s salary and for other expenses.
Now What we Required By You: As you knew that, its not a small project, we are required our helper to make this true. In short, we have made all type of planning for its construction. We have land, sincere worker, huge church plate form, manpower etc. But we need your financial help to complete this project. Now we are just looking for your interest in our project. If you are willing to knew more about concerning this project then we can send you detail.
Hoping for your favorable consideration. God Bless You.

Bishop Asher Kamran

Christ Church near D.C.O. Office Multan, Pakistan.
Phone No. 061-6024910,Mob# 0321-6310941
E-mail: asher.kamran@yahoo.com

2. Masilya Dieudonne - October 18, 2008

Dear Pastor and Servant of God
I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. After to visit your web site and to see all your service , I feeling in me to invite you here to us in Congo DR ,south kivu province , Bukavu town. Central Africa; to give us seminar for church leaders and to teach if possible some lessons in our bible school.

We invite you too in our Changer churches in central africa. we will be so happy to hear you and to benefit your anointing. if our goal can meet your attention ,please we wait to hear from you soon. yours pastor senior of Changer churches Central Africa in DR of Congo. D.R .
.Pastor Masilya Witakenge

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