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President of the Union of Black Episcopalians February 9, 2008

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The Rev. Canon Nelson Pinder, DD.  National President of the Union of Black Episcopalians, emeritus priest of the diocese, and deputy to General Convention


1. susan m. mccaffrey - March 7, 2008

Dear Rev Pinder I am a student at I.C.S. and am in the mist of writing a paper on the Episcopal church’s role in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s I am very interested in learning what you have to sy about this topic as my piest Rev Phyllis Bartle told me you were very acti ve in the central Florida’s Civil Rights Movement in the “60’s. I am a new redident of Florida as I have been living in and around Phila. Pa. all my life. I too was very active in the Civil Rights Movement and I had marched with the best of them–Rev Washington, Fr. Gracie and Bishop Dewit. So any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Please excuse all my mistakes as this is the first week I am using a computer I usually use a typewriter. God Bless You Susan McCaffrey

2. WILLIAM P OMALLEY - September 16, 2008

Dear Nelson,

Except for the doubling of your chin, you countenance hasn’t changed much since those happy Diocese of South Florida days in the 60’s when you, my friends Ed and Winkie Chalfant and I used to hold our “after hours” meetings following sessions of the diocesan convention. During the many years that have intervened I’ve thought of you, and have wondered how you were doing, more times than I suspect you’d expect.

This present effort to seek you out (via Google) is prompted by an interview with Jeffery Canada of Harlem Children’s Zone I heard this evening on NPR’s “Fresh Air” program. During the interview it was mentioned that an unsatisfactory school principal at the Children’s Zone was replaced by a real go-getter whose name is Pinder. Is there a kinship there?

Regardless, I’m hopeful that this email reaches you and finds you in good health. Even though I have moved from Clearwater back to my native Pennsylvania, I’d enjoy renewal of our friendship.

Sincerely and with great affection, I remain

Your friend,

Bill O’Malley

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