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Prayer ‘will be the only change in San Joaquin’: CEN 12.21.07 p 6. December 22, 2007

Posted by geoconger in Church of England Newspaper, San Joaquin.

Little will change in the day to day life of the Diocese of San Joaquin, Bishop John-David Schofield said following the Dec 8 vote to secede from the Episcopal Church and join the Church of the Province of the Southern Cone.

“For the majority” of San Joaquin Anglicans “nothing will change. The familiar ways in which you worship, your clergy, the Book of Common Prayer, Hymnal, lectionary and place of worship will all remain,” Bishop Schofield wrote in a pastoral letter published Dec 15.

The sole “notable exception” will be the replacement of Gregory Venables for Katharine Jefferts Schori in the intercession for the Presiding Bishop, he said.

However the traditionalist diocese would “no longer [be] operating under the looming shadow of this institutional apostasy” found in The Episcopal Church, he said. The synod vote was “not a schism over secondary issues but a realignment necessitated by false teaching as well as unbiblical sacramental actions that continue to take place” in the national church.

Bishop Schofield stated the “orders of all Diocesan clergy” had been recognized by the Southern Cone. Clergy who wish a “period of discernment” would be granted “more time to consider whether or not to accept the invitation” to join the Southern Cone.

This provision would apply to parishes as well, he noted, as “no one is being asked to act against his conscience,” he said.

On Dec 14 Bishop Schori wrote Bishop Schofield asking him to clarify his status and to affirm his “declaration that you are no longer part of The Episcopal Church, but are now under the authority of the Province of the Southern Cone.” His answer was required, she said, so as to ascertain his status within the House of Bishops and pension fund.

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