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Mugabe press hits out at Dr Sentamu: CEN 12.21.07 p 8 December 21, 2007

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sentamu-cutting-up-his-collar.jpgThe Archbishop of York has been savaged as a race traitor and an “ill-informed animal” by Zimbabwe following his public call for Robert Mugabe to step down.The Harare Herald, the Mugabe-regime’s media voice, on Dec 12 said Dr. John Sentamu was a “foolish and idiotic African.”

However, the archbishop’s condemnation of the President Mugabe has won plaudits from Western newspapers and the support of the Zimbabwe expatriate community and democracy activists.

The Archbishop’s pledge on Dec 9 not to wear his clergy collar so long as Mugabe remained in power was a “stunt” and a “piece of propaganda for the BBC,” the Herald stated.

Dr. Sentamu was ill informed about the conditions in Zimbabwe, the government newspaper stated. “The peasants are flourishing on the farms that President Mugabe expropriated,” it said, and are “smiling and happy.”

The Archbishop’s animus towards the regime arose from racial self-hatred and a desire to ingratiate himself with the West, the Herald said.

“Whites stand united in their fight against President Mugabe because he took back land seized from blacks by their kith and kin,” the newspaper said. “Some blacks, seeking fame and praise seem to justify this race hate by their uninformed hate for their own black brother, President Mugabe.”

“President Mugabe is our most eloquent gatekeeper” protecting the nation from the rapacious inroads of white colonialists, the Herald argued.

Democracy activists have applauded Dr. Sentamu’s show of solidarity. One exiled Anglican priest told The Church of England Newspaper that the African-born archbishop’s actions helped focus attention upon the crimes of the regime. A spokesman for the Church of England said the accusations were “ludicrous”.

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