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Bishop of Harare lashes out at the Queen’s role: CEN 12.07.07 p 8. December 6, 2007

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kunonga-2.jpgThe controversial Bishop of Harare was in Uganda last week, lending his name and office in support of Zimbabwe strongman Robert Mugabe during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

While Dr. Nolbert Kunonga’s ties to the Mugabe regime continue to hold, support among the clergy of the diocese appears to be falling away, as several churches are closing their doors to him.

On Nov 21, Dr. Kunonga led a group of Mugabe loyalists and “war veterans” in an attempted disruption of a talk by Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai at Kampala’s Grand Imperial Hotel.

Midway through the presentation sponsored by the Royal Commonwealth Society on the situation in Zimbabwe, Dr. Kunonga and his men rose, denouncing Tsvangirai as a puppet of white colonialists and walked out of the meeting.

Speaking to journalists in the hallway, Dr. Kunonga said “The West should stop demonising Mr. Mugabe. He is a man who democratically redistributed land which the white man had taken away,” according to an account printed in the Daily Monitor.

The MDC leader was a tool of “the interests of the white farmer” and did not speak for the “ordinary Zimbabwean,” Dr. Kunonga charged. Robert Mugabe was the democratically elected leader of Zimbabwe, the bishop said, adding there “are no human rights abuses in Zimbabwe at all.”

Britain was behind a campaign of lies, smearing Zimbabwe, Dr. Kunonga said, who singled out Queen Elizabeth for special opprobrium. The Queen was the “greatest exploiter of all times” and is “just a magic of the West,” he said.

While his stock remains high with the Mugabe regime, who in 2005 gave him a farm confiscated from a white commercial farmer, Dr. Kunonga appears to be losing the support of his diocese.

The London-based expatriate newspaper The Zimbabwean reported that on Nov 25, Mai Kunonga, the wife of Bishop Kunonga, was rebuffed by the clergy of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Harare when she attempted to sit on the bishop’s throne during Sunday Eucharist services.

Mrs. Kunonga was rebuffed at two other churches that Sunday, The Zimbabwean reported, and subsequent threats issued by her husband have not persuaded the clergy to accept his authority.

Published in The Church of England Newspaper.


1. Tim Robinson - March 20, 2008

Archbishop Kunonga, beware, for “Pride cometh before a fall.”

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