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Norway Move Attacked: CEN 11.30.07 p 8. November 29, 2007

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The notion of gay clergy violates Christian decency and Biblical norms, a spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church said last week in response to the Church of Norway’s vote to permit gay clergy.

The Russian Orthodox Church’s secretary for inter-Christian relations Fr. Igor Vyzhanov said Moscow “totally denies that homosexual persons may be ordained to church ministry.  It is an unbiblical act repugnant to the Christian moral norms and absolutely unacceptable for us.”

On Nov 16 Norway’s General Synod voted by a margin of 50-34 to overturn the national ban on gay clergy, giving the dioceses a local option on whether or not to permit gay clergy to serve in parish ministry.

The Moscow Patriarchate has denounced the Norwegian vote and is reconsidering its ecumenical relations with that country’s Lutheran state church.  However, the decision to break relations with the Church of Norway would be up to the Moscow Patriarchate’s Holy Synod, Fr. Vyzhanov told Interfax on Nov 22, but at the very least the Norwegian vote was “unhelpful for dialogue.”

In 2003 Moscow ended over a hundred years of ecumenical dialogue with the Episcopal Church in protest to the consecration of Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire.  It later reached out to the conservative Anglican Communion Network in 2005, exploring ways of continuing dialogue between the Russian Orthodox Church and traditionalist Anglican dioceses in the US.

After the Church of Sweden authorized rites for the blessing of same sex unions in 2005, the Moscow Patriarchate broke off relations with that country’s Lutheran state church, stating gay blessings “destroyed the moral basis of the European civilization and radically harms its spiritual influence worldwide.”


1. Pesheff - January 14, 2008

It is unbelievable! How can the Norwegians stoop so low! This smells like Sodom and Gommora to me!!! Hello, have you read the bible text dealing with homosexuality????

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