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Doctrine Committee Reports: CEN 10.19.07 p 3. October 19, 2007

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The Inter Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Commission (IATDC) has announced that it has fulfilled its mandate and will present a report on the ministry of the Episcopacy to the 2008 Lambeth Conference.  Meeting in Kuala Lumpur from Sept 10-16 the IATDC completed its study on begun in 2001, and finalized its paper “The Anglican Way: The Significance of the Episcopal Office for the Communion of the Church.”

The report will be published this winter and presented to the Bishops at Lambeth next year for review. The Commission stated the paper had been produced to address a “particular need, with the provision of resources for the Lambeth Conference in mind, and to link particularly to the bishop’s role in fostering and upholding Communion.”

Participating in the final session of the Commission were Bishop Stephen Pickard and Dr. Bruce Kaye of Australia, Dr. Victor Atta-Baffoe of West Africa, Bishop Samuel Cutting of North India, Bishop Lim Cheng Ean of Southeast Asia, Canon Luke Pato of Southern Africa, Bishop Paul Richardson, Dr Nicholas Sagovsky and Canon Philip Thomas of the Church of England, Dr Eileen Scully of Canada, Dr Jenny Te Paa of New Zealand, Bishop Tito Zavala of the Southern Cone of America and Mr. Wen Ge of Nanjing Theological Seminary, China..

Illness prevented the commission chairman Bishop Stephen Sykes from participating in the final round of talks, the commission noted.

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