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Presiding Bishop in Call for Immigration Reform: CEN 9.21.07 p 6. September 23, 2007

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US Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has urged American Episcopalians to lobby their government to implement immigration reform.

Writing on Sept 13, Bishop Schori attacked Congress and the Bush administration for failing to adopt laws that would bring America’s estimated 12 million illegal aliens “in from the shadows.”

Bishop Schori called for “immigration policies which respect the rights and gifts of those among us, now living in fear, whose contributions to our communities and economy are so valued.”

She attacked a rise in government raids upon companies employing illegal aliens, and urged “our government, in the strongest terms, to cease these incursions into work places, homes and other venues where migrants gather until we have comprehensive immigration reform.”

Approaching the problem through the enforcement of current laws was a “one-sided approach to addressing our immigration problems neglects the tenets of justice and compassion which define us as Christians and as a church which embraces the marginalized and the defenseless.”

Bishop Schori said that law enforcement “measures that punish and restrict” fail to acknowledge “the humanitarian and economic considerations that are fundamental to a truly reformed immigration system. This imbalance has resulted in endless tales of suffering and injustice; and this we must oppose.”

In June a bi-partisan bill backed by the White House that would have granted amnesty to several million illegal immigrants collapsed in the wake of vociferous public criticism.  Immigration reform “is going to have to wait until we get a new president and a new Congress,” said Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate Democrat majority leader.


1. Julie Norcross - September 24, 2007

I am an Episcopalian and agree with Bishop Schori that there must be a fair and equitable solution to the problem of Immigration. Are we not humans first and political second. God created human beings not the governments. Yet our first commitment is to our fellow man, love one another, is that so hard to do? What if in the future our way of life collapsed and we were forced to migrate to feed our families, would we or our loved ones want to be treated in such an ungodly manner. I realize we must protect our nation and our citizens but is there not a solution to both protect ourselves and serve our fellow man. Do you think you would walk in the desert for days dealing with unscrupulous traders of human beings just to come here and pick tomatoes or clean toilets, I think not. Give these people credit for placing their families in such high importance that they risk life and limb and sometimes prison to feed their babies. Come on have a heart. The vast majority of these people are good honest people with the purest intent of working hard, supporting their families, not the criminals they are painted to be. Yes, they have criminals among them, but so do we. It is the same plight of the teenagers and the young, they are painted as worthless and no good because a few have gone bad and that gets the most press because that is what sell newspapers, not millions of teens graduating and doing wonderful things with their lives. Quit rallying around the flag, instead use it blanket the needy and the good for which is stands. Remember the flag stands for all the immigrants from which all of us have originated. Why we must punish each new wave of immigrants, the Irish, Italians, Jews and now the Hispanics. I am proud to be an American because of our capacity to welcome. It’s in our history and it’s definitely in our blood.

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