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Dr. Sentamu Appeals for Zimbabwe Sanctions: CEN 9.21.07 p 7. September 23, 2007

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The Archbishop of York has called upon the British government to impose sanctions against the “racist” regime of Zimbabwe strongman Robert Mugabe.

President Mugabe has become a second Idi Amin, Dr. John Sentamu wrote in the Observer on Sept 17, and is leading the country toward the brink of destruction.

African had failed to resolve the crisis in Zimbabwe and the “time has come” for Prime Minister Gordon Brown to intervene.  The prime minister must “slay the ghosts of Britain’s colonialist past by thoroughly revising foreign policy towards Zimbabwe and to lead the way in co-ordinating an international response” to the Mugabe regime, he said.

Dr. Sentamu’s attack follows upon statements made last week by the Bishops of Southwark and Croydon in condemning the Mugabe regime, and quiet but so far unsuccessful diplomatic efforts by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, with Anglican leaders in Central Africa to address the humanitarian crisis in the country.

Zimbabwe has blamed Britain and the West for the economic and social upheaval ravaging the country, arguing the sanctions imposed against the regime were responsible for the country’s poverty.

African leaders have backed Mugabe in a showdown with Britain over his attendance at December’s EU-Africa summit in Lisbon.  Akwasi Osei Adjei, Ghana’s Foreign Affairs Minister, said it would be unfair to exclude Mugabe from the summit.  “I believe we are coming with all the members of the African Union, the heads of state of the African Union,” he said on Sept 13. “So, definitely the invitation will be issued [to Mugabe].”

Summit plans have been on hold since 2003 as Britain has refused to attend if Mugabe did. EU president Portugal has been seeking a compromise but has so far sent no invitations.

However, Dr. Sentamu urged an increase in pressure upon Zimbabwe.  Britain should introduce sanctions modeled upon those imposed on the apartheid regime in South Africa targeted “against those purveyors of misery whose luxury is bought at the cost of unbearable poverty,” he argued.

“Mugabe is the worst kind of racist dictator,” the Ugandan-born Archbishop wrote.

“Having targeted the whites for their apparent riches, Mugabe has enacted an awful Orwellian vision, with the once oppressed taking on the role of the oppressor and glorying in their totalitarian abilities.  Like Idi Amin before him in Uganda, Mugabe has rallied a country against its former colonial master only to destroy it through a dictatorial fervour,” he said.

Dr. Sentamu had strong words for South African President Thabo Mbeki, saying the ANC government’s diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis had failed.  “Despite his best efforts, President Mbeki has failed to help the people of Zimbabwe. At best, he has been ineffectual in his efforts to… persuade Robert Mugabe to reverse his unjust and brutal regime. At worst, Mbeki is complicit in his failing to lead the charge against a neighbour who is systematically raping the country he leads.”


1. Aurevouche - October 19, 2007

Who is holding Britain accountable for its human rights abuses, thefts, and continuing crimes against African people’s humanity?

After Racist Britain honors the Lancaster House Agreement, and pays reparations for the rape of Africa and most of the world, then and only then can Britain, the global criminal, talk about others.

After Racist Britain stop committing genocide against the people of Diego Garcia and pays reparations and returns them to their land and rebuild their lives, then and only then can Britain talk about others.

Instead of harping on Mugabe only, hold Britain’s feet to the fire.


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