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EU Urged to Keep its Promise on MDGs: CEN 8.17.07 p 5. August 18, 2007

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THE PRIMATE of Southern Africa has called upon the European Union to live up to its promises of support for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane also urged Africa to honour its commitment to tackle poverty and called upon the continent’s political leaders to make good their pledges of support for the poorest of the poor.

Chairman of the African Monitor, an NGO that monitors relief and development work across Africa, Archbishop Ndungane told SABC, “African countries have said they want to designate 15 per cent of their budgets to health and 10 per cent for agriculture and they are falling short of these targets.”

EU urged to honour MDG commitment

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1. Mwaura Kaara - August 20, 2007

Focus on Trade rather than Aid.

In calling for the EU to keep up to it’s promises, Africa should also be put incharge on how they transform the percentages they set for specific areas in to concrete, tangible measures, a true representation of the political will.

This is evident in some African countries, but the same should not be washed off with the other hand. A classic example of this is Uganda, in abolishing health user fees with a 15% budget allocation, they have washed off the same effect by developing a welfare system of hand outs to the “cronically poor” of $10 per month. An allocation that is not overly enough for sustaining a livelyhood and least of all not comparable to the designated minimum wage allowance, and the most rediculous point of it is that the same is supposed to be drained from the Aid allocated to Uganda, yet they talk of Debt Burden and continue to roll 60% of their budget from development partners!

As we seek to call for the EU to keep to their promise, let us remind them that Aid alone will not move us from the levels of dependency we experince. We need to have an equal partnership in terms of trade. The push by the East African Ministers of Trade and Industry for the signing of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) in the later stages of the year, should be halted as the playing ground has not be leveled.

We have to equalise the concept of partnership.

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