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Stamping out heresy at the ACN Conference July 31, 2007

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Front Row:

John-David Schofield, San Joaquin; Jack Iker, Fort Worth: Bill Cox, Southern Cone/Asst. Oklahoma rt; Gregory Venables, Primate Southern Cone; Robt Duncan, Pittsburgh; William Wantland, Eau Claire rt; Keith Ackerman, Quincy.

Second Row:

James Stanton, Dallas; William Ilgenfritz, Forward in Faith bishop elect; Bill Atwood, suffragan bishop elect of All Saints Diocese Kenya; Bishop Ray Sutton, Reformed Episcopal Church; John Guernsey, suffragan bishop elect of Uganda; Richard Boyce, Anglican Province of America; Jeffrey Steenson, Rio Grande; Don Harvey, Western Newfoundland rt; David Bena, suffragan Albany rt/Asst Bishop Cana; James Adams, Western Kansas; William Love, Albany

St Vincent’s Cathedral, Bedford Texas. July 31, 2007.

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1. Chip Johnson+, cj - August 1, 2007

Jack Iker, Forth Worth

Yessir, that’s some fine journalism, all right! Fr. Conger probably can’t even spell heresy, much less take a picture of it…I’m sure there is some there somewhere..

2. Fiona - August 1, 2007

A glorious picture of a dynamic, renewing, purifying young Church Triumphant in all its glorious national, racial, ethnic, pastoral and gender diversity.

3. Bob in CA - August 1, 2007

So these renegade bishops want to “convince TEC to stop litigation” ? Guess they haven’t heard that the US courts are ruling in support of TEC position, most recently in California. If these bishops truly believe in their cause, they should right now resign as TEC bishops, give up their pensions and get on with things, including starting their own parishes from scratch. To do any less just shows how two faced these ANC “bishops” really are.

4. Dave in NY - August 2, 2007

In the end it will be “Africa’s way or the highway”. The Episcopal church is just a little dot on the map. We are losing members nationwide left and right. As soon as the Episcopal church gets expelled from the Anglican Communion it will not have a leg to stand on in the court system.

5. Dave - August 2, 2007

The members the Episcopal Church is losing are ones that should be leaving. There is enough hatred in the Southern Baptist Church to go around, so why don’t they join it?

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