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African Provinces Cut Financial Ties with U.S.: TLC 4.27.04 April 27, 2004

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First printed in The Living Church.

The Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA) has called upon the Lambeth Commission to discipline the Episcopal Church for unilateral changes to church teaching on sexuality, and as a mark of its resolve, stated it would no longer accept financial assistance from American dioceses and organizations which seek to normalize homosexual behavior.

Meeting in closed-door session outside Nairobi, Kenya, April 13-14, representatives from 11 of Africa’s 12 provinces, with observers from six other provinces, debated the Global South’s continuing role in the Anglican Communion.

While making room in the agenda for a discussion of the humanitarian crisis in the Sudan, unrest in the Middle East, reconstruction in Rwanda, and a constitutional stalemate over the election of a new primate for West Africa, the bulk of the meeting sought to articulate a common African response to the American branch of the Communion.

While rejecting calls to break with the Anglican Communion at this time, CAPA did reaffirm its support for the Church’s traditional teachings on sexual ethics and morals. CAPA further asked the primates’ theological commission “to call ECUSA to repentance, giving it a three-month period to show signs of such repentance.”

If the Episcopal Church does not respond appropriately after the Lambeth Commission task force issues its report next year, “discipline should be applied.”

The president of CAPA, the Most Rev. Peter Akinola of Nigeria, noted that breaking the financial tether binding the African provinces to the Episcopal Church would sting as the bulk of CAPA’s support came from the U.S., but was essential to the Church’s health.

Archbishop Akinola noted that U.S. parishes which continue to uphold historic Church teaching on sexuality would not be affected, even if they were geographically resident in revisionist dioceses. “We are not against every church in the America. We are not against everyone in the West,” he said.


1. mcadey - October 1, 2011

The story of lazasus and the rich man,is enough to inpire those african churches,that they dont need,any financial assistasnce from tec.GOD will always provide.The money from the west,especially those churches that are promoting immoral sexual behavior,will corrupt and destroy African churches.It will create more problems in places like Sudan.You know what will happen when you put just one rotten apple in the mist of good ones.Let African churches let their yes be yes,and their no be no.Sodomy is not compatible with the scripture or christianity faith.

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