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About this site

Welcome to my news archive. Here you will find links to the on-line versions or the full-text of my published articles and photographs.

To view articles and photos as they are printed, click on to the Home page. Here you will find articles posted in reverse chronological order. Or you can click the name of a publication or a topic in the Category list to the right. Over the coming months I will be posting my older work to this site.

You are welcome to make comments on the various articles and items, but I encourage you to discuss these issues at greater length in the various blogs that post these stories. As I become aware of these sites, I will try to post a link to the discussion.

The purpose of this website is to collect all of my writings in one place. I believe this has special value as you can see the news evolve week by week in the Anglican world, and in some cases day by day, since I began covering these topics for The Church of England Newspaper shortly before the 1998 Lambeth Conference.

A note on the nomenclature, CEN stands for The Church of England Newspaper, TLC stands for The Living Church, JP stands for The Jerusalem Post: over the past few years these have been my principle outlets. If you should link or re-copy these stories, please credit the original publication outlet.

Over the years I have had published several thousand news and feature stories, book reviews, and magazine articles and have developed a certain expertise in these disparate areas. Thank you for looking.

Regards, George Conger



1. Susan - May 29, 2007

It’s wonderful to find your site. I’ve added it to my Bloglines feed.


2. Simon Sarmiento - May 29, 2007

Or even a chat SITE 🙂 Welcome to the blogs George

3. BabyBlue - June 2, 2007

Great to see you in the Blogosphere, George! I’ve added you to the Cafe blogroll. 😉


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